Google Docs? Yes.

Collaborating via google documents was actually a lot easier than I thought that I would be. I haven’t done many group projects in my college career so I was under the mindset that the most logical way to finish the project would be by meeting in person. However, our group had so many different extra curricular activities, not to mention that two members of our group were commuters, so it was very difficult to find a time where all four of us could meet in person. Instead, this method of communicating through google documents worked pretty well. At first, I gave my eden account as the sharing email address but that didn’t work, so I needed to create a google email account. After that small impediment, the rest was easy sailing. Tyler and Nick O had to create the story board with some small notations at the bottom concerning necessary materials. Next, Nick K wrote a few paragraphs about how we would be using the video to discuss the dangers of dating violence with alcohol and technology as a catalyst.

With all of these material accessible to me on the google docs page, I was able to incorporate all of it into a screen cast for Gayle. This entire process would have been much more difficult had I not had all of the information been scattered in emails, notebooks, or just my memory (which isn’t that great). All in all, it is a very useful piece of technology and I am very happy we had it at our disposal.


Creative process behind the midterm

My creative process concerning the midterm was not very complicated. As I stated in my midterm assignment, it came very easy to talk about one of my biggest passions at Rutgers University. As a board member of Rutgers University Dance Marathon, I was very fortunate to be a part of a great group of students and faculty who all came together for a common cause, to help the Embrace Kids Foundation, a non profit organization right in New Brunswick helping children with cancer and blood disorders primarily in the Cancer Institute of New Jersey, affiliated with Robert Wood Johnson Hospital.

I thought about how I could bring my personal experience with the organization to the masses, and the best way I could think was to put it in a journal-type of layout. Simply enough, I began writing out all of my feelings and experiences of every year in college with Dance Marathon. Since I started freshman year as a captain, there was a lot of material for me to write about. I then delved into facebook and started the journey of going back and compiling of my pictures into a montage of my college years as it related to Dance Marathon.

In the end, it wasn’t only fun for me to go back and relive my Dance Marathon experiences, I realized that it could also be used as a recruiting technique for the marathon and a community outreach and promotional device for Embrace Kids. I contacted the people who would be interested in this kind of outreach and they were all enthused by the prospect of not only using mine, but also having students with similar experiences documenting their passion for the organization as well.

Screencast of mike

So this experience of recording my voice was very similar to my last, only a little more unnerving because it was for nearly 4 minutes. I’m pretty sure I scared everyone out of the lab because they thought I was talking to myself. I need to get a mac.
I thought that mike’s blog was great and easy to review. It was made even easier because I could show the audience what I was referring to while I was speaking about it. In a standard written review you just have to make allusions to what you are trying to portray to the audience. With screen casting, I just move my mouse around and show exactly what I am talking about.

Honestly, I have always wondered how people do these screen captures before and i was pretty excited to learn how to do it. I think it is awesome how Aaron does this for the tutorials and it is extremely conducive to learning in a capacity such as this one. I really thought it was cool how Aaron screencasted, him screencasting. Kind of an inception thing going on there.

My impression of screencasting is that it would be very beneficial for teaching purposes and I think that it is very easy to see how it could be easy for students to learn concepts, not in the classroom, as well. In addition, business can benefit from this showing new software and the respective tutorials for how they work. Apple uses these screen casts all the time to show off their latest hardware or software, and it usually works to pull in the audience.

All in all, very useful skill to learn and I can easily see how it would be beneficial for instructors, businesses, and students alike. They can use it to instruct, and show what they are describing at the same time on a youtube video, on ecollege, or even in a lecture hall if the instructor so chooses.

First podcast everrrrrrrr

This is my first ever podcast. It was a challenge at first to make but recalling everything that Aaron taught us in class and watching the instructional videos on ecollege made it much easier. I think that the hardest part was the splicing. After figuring out that the beats were relatively easy to figure out once you studied the audio clips, matching them up wasn’t too difficult. My first song by Outkast was enjoyable to go through and embedding my voice in it made it even more fun. The looks I got from others in the records hall computer lab was also pretty funny. I had to do a couple takes and every time I did, I got a few laughs from the people around me.
Manipulating the volume was probably the easiest part because garage band makes it so simple. One of the roadblocks I did face was in deleting sections of the track when you were splicing. I found that it was always just a millisecond off and it took a while to make the transition perfect. Otherwise, I hope to continue using this media outlet. It is entertaining for the listener, and for the recorder as well. I think that it would be easy to get an audience to listen to some music with a message embedded in it rather than just reading an article. I found that I could basically say anything in between songs and my audience would probably be waiting to see what my next song could possibly be.
All in all, it was an enjoyable experience and made me feel like a professional dj, even if only for a brief period of time. I can see how this would be extremely addicting and I just hope that everyone enjoys my first podcast as much as I did making it.

First time…

So this was my first time making a blog. The first time thing we had to do was create a name for the blog; who knew this would end up being the hardest part. I decided to name mine after myself, for simplicity’s sake. Navigating through the toolbar and settings was made easy by the instruction in class so it wasn’t hard in constructing an aesthetically pleasing site, while basic, also achieves all of the functions that a blog should have. I can see how this could be extremely addicting for a person as well. Having all of their posts able to be viewed by the entire world must be fairly invigorating.

However, unless I have something very important to share, I do not anticipate this becoming an obsession for me. I remember the old days of xanga where everyone in middle school would post about anything and everything that came to their mind, most of it not very exciting or important to anyone but themselves. Although this freedom of expression seemed to be necessary for some people, it never stuck with me. So, this experiment in blogging with be very interesting for me, seeing what I missed out in during my middle school years.